Be a Monnos ambassador and let's impact the world together!

This is a initiative created by the community, for the community.

What should an ambassador do:

  1. Communicate Monnos on local social networks, always using the language and the traditional channel of communication in the region, promoting total empathy
  2. Replicate official content such as news, product, articles, etc on social networks
  3. Manage and moderate a group to be defined depending on locality with the local language for direct interactions with the local community
  4. Suggest to Monnos actions demanded by the local community
  5. Promote meetups for Monnos user to ensure engagement and attraction of new astronauts
  6. Suggest themes for articles that are appealing to the region
  7. Writing and submitting articles on initiatives involving crypto and / or Monnos
  8. Be proactive with suggestions and criticism in general, all are welcome

Benefits of being an ambassador:

  1. You will be the only representative of your country
  2. You will be treated as a MNS VIP Holder, having the same access and benefits
  3. You will have straight access to Monnos executives
  4. You will have a package of rewards, including exclusive referral program, bonus for trading, discounts, and much more
  5. You will have o bonus for managing a Monnos group in your country. The rewards are going to scale up per user this way:

Important informations:

  1. All rewards will be paid in MNS tokens
  2. All the values are dinamic and can be changed by Monnos at any time.
  3. Monnos can replace any ambassador at any time if they don't perform as expected.